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It's important for Lodges to keep both their members and the community informed about what's going on, and Twitter is just one more channel of communication we can use to keep people up to date.

You can follow North Quabbin Lodge at twitter.com/nquabbinlodge.

Read Masonic History and Lore from the Van Gorden-Williams Library and Archives

The Van Gorden-Williams Library and Archives at the National Heritage Museum in Lexington, Massachusetts has a fascinating weblog that covers topics mainly related to the history of Freemasonry in America, but they also touch on other fraternal organiza

New District web site: Mason26.org

Our Masonic District now has a web site of its own. Visit Mason26.org to stay up to date with goings on at all of the lodges in the Massachusetts 26th district, including Harmony Lodge, Mountain Lodge, Mount Sugarloaf Lodge, North Quabbin Lodge, and Republican Lodge.

Many thanks to Brother Doug Finn for building this new resource.

New Book: Masonic Lodges of Massachusetts

Masonic Lodges of Massachusetts book cover

History and Video Sections Added

Look under "The Lodge" in the main menu to learn more about the history of Freemasonry in the North Quabbin area, and also be sure to visit the Videos page under the "Freemasonry" section.

More Ways to Keep up to Date

Let's face it: With as many bookmarks as we all accumulate nowadays, it's hard to remember to go back and check all of them for updates. Here are some easy ways to stay informed of all the latest news & events from North Quabbin Lodge:

Franklin County Fair Parade

On September 4, Freemasons from the Massachusetts 26th Masonic District marched in the Franklin County Fair parade in Greenfield, Massachusetts. All five lodges from the district were represented:

  • Harmony Lodge
  • Mountain Lodge
  • Mount Sugarloaf Lodge
  • North Quabbin Lodge
  • Republican Lodge

North Quabbin Lodge launches new web site

We are pleased to welcome you to our Lodge's new web site, northquabbinlodge.org! Visit often to keep up to date with Masonic news and events in the North Quabbin region, and be sure to drop us a line with your questions and comments.